The benefits of private yoga lessons

November 2, 2017



At Mobile Yogi, our focus is on providing customized, private lessons to individuals and groups that are typically much smaller than Vancouver's average studio yoga class. A private lesson is not simply a yoga class for one student or a small group – it's an an entirely different entity. In a private yoga lesson, you have the time and attention needed to really to work on your goals: spiritual or physical; injury prevention and rehab; dealing with emotional blocks that come out as physical pain, or even just squeezing in the time for yourself.

For example – restorative classes in yoga can bring up a lot of emotional "stuff," but after the class we often have places to be,things to do, and need to leave the studio to make room for the next class -- so there is little to no time to reflect upon how and why the gentle poses in the class, and the breathing techniques practiced have such dramatic effects. This is one instance where private classes can come in. Although most yoga teachers are not professional therapists or counsellors, many have come to yoga because it has helped with their own mental wellbeing. Now, it is their turn to help you.

Private classes can be as asana- (position-) focused or meditative as you want or need, and can come with recommendations for home and class practices – modifications, different ways to use props and new breathing techniques. They can be held anywhere (within reason) – Mobile Yogi’s teachers will come to your home, office or any other location of your choosing . This gives you ultimate privacy with minimal distractions – there's no sneaking a glance at your phone during a private class with the instructor's attention solely on you!

Another reason why one might consider taking a series of private yoga lessons is for assistance in deepening and refining their yoga practice. An advanced practitioner may want to work on better alignment or to learn new breathing techniques; they may want to learn the proper use of props or learn how to develop their own home routine. Having someone look at your body in detail, with no distractions from other students can catch any habitual misalignments or release valves that can be missed in a full class of less advanced yogis. Not to mention that practicing yoga in the comfort of your own home is a great way to escape Vancouver's rainy season! 

Some people love the social aspects of yoga. Taking part in a sold-out, busy class or attending a yoga festival in the mountains can be an exciting yogic experience. But for some, it is difficult to focus and relax in a group setting, whether it's anxiety over other people's perceptions or feeling inexperienced. For such individuals, private lessons are a great introduction to the practice, building up confidence and also dropping the ego. 

For many, losing the ego in practice is what benefits it the most – both physically and mentally. Instead of forcing one’s body to bend and balance like you might feel pressured to do in a group environment, it’s beneficial to take a class to make "ease" your theme, going to maybe 40% of your capacity and noticing every single detail of the poses, from the feet to the breath. Does this pose make you breath deeper or shallower? Where is the weight in your feet? Where are your hips facing? Taking a private class with a teacher who is focused on making you feel the best you can possibly feel is incredible way to learn how to fully appreciate your body, and all its strengths and flaws.


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